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 Iridology is the interpretation of the shapes, colors, and markings of the iris.

You can expect to learn more than just the basics, as this class covers information about iris analysis and what to do to help yourself and your clients improve health situations using herbs, flower essences, oils, etc. The training will include a combination of American & European Iridology and a peek into Rayid, Time Risk, and Sclerology.

Format?  3 day week-end plus an additional Saturday to go over your case studies.

Where? At a location in, or near, Ocean Springs, MS.

This class is taught by Betty Sue O’Brian, a Diplomat Instructor for the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) and a past-president.

Additional Costs

  • Iridology Textbook: The Core Curriculum (Betty Sue O’Brian). Available here at Amazon.
  • A “modern” Iridology chart.
  • Equipment: 10X iris scope


Looking for on-line Iridology Training?

If you are looking for on-line Iridology Training then click here. 

Class Outline


  • History of Iridology
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye
  • Iridology Zones and Mapping
  • Iridology Terminology and Iris Signs
  • Physical Resiliency Constitutional Types
  • Constitutional Subtypes
  • In depth Study of the Collarette
  • Pupil Tonus
  • Pupil Border Signs


  • Language of Iridology
  • Contraction Furrows
  • Radial Furrows
  • Types of Lacunas
  • Transversals and Reflexive Signs
  • Meaning of Pigments and Colors
  • Syndromes and Combination Signs
  • Introduction to Sclerology
  • Case Studies – Group and Individual
  • Iridology Office
  • Suggestions
  • Guidelines


How to get IIPA Certified?

If you want to pursue Certification, this course contributes to your preparation to be certified through the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) as a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist.

Upon completion of this class, students will submit the following to IIPA:

  • Proof of completion of this class, Iridology I and II
  • Proof of completion of an approved Anatomy and Physiology (A & P) class
  • 10 case studies

You will then take an exam with IIPA to qualify as a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist.




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