A trained iridologist looks into the eye with a light and magnifying glass or camera to chart varies lines, colors, spots, or discolorations in your iris and recommends health practices, herbs, nutrition, or exercise to improve the weakened and stressed body systems.  Download the flyer for Iridology training.

Practical Herbalism

Learn the body systems and which herbs have an affinity for each system! This is a practical and hands-on class including: Plant Identification, Field trips, Flower Essences, and Oils! Download the flyer for Practical Herbalism classes.


Learn how to optimize the opportunities for your body to heal using a wide range of natural techniques! Board certification will also be available from the American Associate of Drugless Practitioners. Download the flyer for Naturopath training.

Variety of Classes from the Southern Institute of Healing Arts

Betty Sue is a Diplomat Instructor at the Southern Institute of Healing Arts (SINH).

The Southern Institute of Healing Arts offers a wide range of classes (in-person and on-line) around the theme of promoting Natural Health. Students range from Mums and Dads wanting to raise their family in a healthy way, to practitioners who want to broaden their knowledge and credentials, to people who want to learn more about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Click below to learn more about classes that you can take on-line and in person from Betty Sue:

Southern Institute of Natural Health